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Sheffield Model 110 Multiform Grinder

The model 110 grinder is a versatile, high speed production machine designed for grinding cylindrical parts of intricate and precise profile. Feed and control functions are performed automatically permitting the operator to manage more than one machine at a time. The principle uses of this grinder are:

  • .250 Rt, .250 elevated temperature and .350 diameter tensiles
  • Combinations and smooth stress ruptures
  • NACE stress corrosion
  • Gleebles and slow strain rate test specimens
  • Fatigue tests with gauge length up to 1.00"

Two Sheffield Model 187 Multiform Grinders

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the model 187 is used to grind:

  • .500 diameter room temperature and elevated temperature tensiles
  • Fatigue tests with gauge length up to 2.00"

Jones and Lamson Model 410 Thread and Form Grinder

This equipment is used to:

  • Notch cylindrical specimens to final dimension
  • Thread grinding

Black's Charpy CNM Milling Machines

  • Reduces surface preparation of CVN samples by 50-70%
  • Equipped with motorized broaching machine

Three Charpy "V" Broach Machines

  • Notch Charpy and Izod specimens

Two Thompson Surface Grinders

  • For precision grinding of impact and fracture mechanics samples

Two Engine Lathes

Lathes are used for general turning operations with specific uses presented below:

  • Turning straight and step down magnetic particle test
  • Jominy hardenability
  • Fixtures for test machines

Three Vertical Mills

  • Vertical mills are used primarily for locating and drilling clevis pin holes at precise locations in compact tension and DCB samples
  • General light milling operations

Horizontal Mill

Horizontal mill operations are:

  • Milling crack starter notch in compact tension and DCB specimens
  • Reduced section tensiles
  • V notch in high temperatures alloys and austentic stainless steel charpys

Ten HE&M Vertical Band Saws:

  • With 10 band saws we can have test samples cut from your raw material fast
  • Large capacity saws ensure maximum capabilities
  • 22" blades

Romi CNC Lathe

CNC lathe operations are:

  • With the CNC lathe we can create custom test samples to match your personal needs
  • Notch samples with incredible accuracy
  • Make custom test fixtures in case of special testing requirements