Non-Destructive Testing

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MTEC can conduct Magnetic particle, Dye Penetrant, and Ultrasonic tests using only highly qualified and experienced team members. MTEC employs both level II and level III ASNT certified technicians that are qualified in a wide range of testing methods. MTEC uses non-destructive testing to evaluate the parts without causing any damage, and testing is done in accordance with industry standards. Please contact us to check for on-site availability. MTEC also offers free pickup of parts for customers located within a 25-mile radius of our facility.

MAGNETIC PARTICLE INSPECTION (MPI) - MTEC will conduct Magnetic Particle Inspection for ferromagnetic materials, such as welds, forgings, castings and machined parts. To conduct this test, MTEC will induce magnetic fields, either by using direct or indirect currents to detect surface discontinuities, as per Asme Section V, ASTM E1444 and E709. MTEC can also perform these tests per AWS, API, as well as per customer request. We have the capability of conducting these tests using equipment suitable for visible day light, florescent, as well as both wet and dry magnetic particle medium.

DYE PENETRANT INSPECTION (DPI) - MTEC will conduct liquid penetrant inspections to detect any surface flaws in various ferromagnetic materials. MTEC can also inspect stainless steels and exotic materials, as well as non-metallic materials.

ULTRASONIC TESTING (UT) - MTEC will conduct Ultrasonic Testing to various materials to detect discontinuities by scan contact testing using both straight beam and shear wave techniques.

UT WALL THICKNESS TEST - MTEC will measure wall thickness of metals by using ultrasonic thickness gauges. This equipment works by using pulse/echo mode, ensuring a precise and accurate reading.

EQUOTIP REBOUND HARDNESS TESTING - MTEC will conduct portable hardness testing to various applications. This testing equipment uses an impact service, which does no harm to the surface, and is typically known as the rebound method. This test can be performed on parts that contain complex geometrical shapes.

We also offer the following tests:

  • Penetrant Testing (LPT, PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT, MT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Positive Material Identification services (PMI)

As you can see, our Non-Destructive Testing capabilities have been greatly expanded. Call us now at 281-469-2609.